Mom Takes To Reddit For Help With Her Toddler, Reddit Slaps Her With Common Sense

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shutterstock_89502550__1383772663_142.196.156.251I know Reddit is made up of about a billion different people with different interests, but whenever I talk about it I can’t help but think of it as one collective brain. Does anyone else do this? Today a mother took to the parenting forum for help with her with her Bubble Guppie addicted child. Reddit slapped her with common sense.

My 29 month old boy is hooked up on the kids’ show “Bubble Guppies”. Suggestions please

Now he is crazy for Bubble Guppies. He is learning a lot from them but I do not think it is healthy for a kid to get so involved in something. He is not going to bed any more. He falls asleep on his chair watching this show. He murmurs “Guppies ….. guppies …… guppies” wile he is sleeping.

We have almost all kinds of toys at our place. We have an easel and colouring books and markers but he has simply stopped showing any interest in them. All he wants is to watch this show and then copy the things those characters do and sings the songs they sing in the show. Please tell me how to break his addiction.

Basically this woman is letting her child watch TV all day, and is wondering why he is now brainwashed. I’m not judging her. We don’t let our kid watch TV all day, and even he went through a period of being weirdly obsessed with Pocoyo. It’s all he asked to watch for like two months. I bought him some Pocoyo books and they were the only ones he wanted to read. When he was falling asleep at night, I would hear him saying Okay Pocoyo. Okay. And in the morning he would wake up and say, Pocoyo! This has since passed, but it was very weird while it lasted.

Here’s what Reddit has to say:

You’re the grown-up. He’s a toddler. Turn off the tv and refuse to let him watch it. It’ll be hard for everyone involved, but he’ll get used to it.

Turn off the tv. Period. If he tantrums, ignore him. If you can’t say no to your toddler wanting to watch tv, you’re in for a tough ride.

Remember that you are not raising a child.. You are raising a future adult! He needs to learn how to do things he doesn’t want to, or not so things he does want to. It will help him so much once he gets older and he will be grateful to you!

You HAVE to be able to say no. Don’t just think about the baby you are dealing with now – think about the adult you are raising him to be.

For once I agree with Reddit. I’ll be the first to admit that I let my child watch TV occasionally, but letting him fall asleep in his chair watching TV like Archie Bunker is a little much, Mom. This is what is going to happen. Your kid is going to scream and cry and you are going to feel like you are losing your mind, but eventually the screaming and crying will get lower and not as frequent and your child will snap out of it.

Good luck.

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