Server Drops F-Bomb On Receipt – Paying Father Is Not Happy

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shutterstock_65155642__1371644170_142.196.156.251I don’t know who to chide first: the servers who keep pulling these stupid pranks, or the parents who insist on bringing their children to age-inappropriate hangouts.

A father asked the general manager of a St. Louis sports bar if they could make an exception to their 21-and-over rule and allow him to bring his kids in for Father’s Day. The manager obliged. Not surprisingly, there were some special orders that needed to be made for the son.

While notating the order on the check, the waitress made a joke that was clearly intended to make the kitchen laugh. As a former waitress I can tell you – we do this stuff all the time. It is pretty harmless when it remains a joke between the staff. We call these “notes” on a check “modifiers.” She modified the order of wing sauce with the notation, “Fuckin’ needy kids.” Ha. Ha. Not so funny to the father she then presented the check to. What the hell is wrong with you, waitress? Everyone knows you are supposed to insult customers behind their backs. Geez.

While it’s definitely not a nice thing to do, one can assume this waitress is not used to waiting on children with their endless lists of special demands – because she works in a bar. I know there are some of you who bring your kids out to restaurants and aren’t high-maintenance at all – but please try to understand that you are in the minority. I can tell you from personal experience that there is always a laundry list of “extras” needed by customers with kids.

Can we get his food first?

Can we get some butter instead of olive oil?

Can you make that totally plain?

Can you make sure the plate isn’t too hot?

And so on, and so on. In this case, the BBQ sauce instead of hot wing sauce that this Dad ordered, along with an extra plate, apparently pushed this waitress that isn’t used to dealing with kids over the edge.

The father posted a picture of the receipt to the bar’s Facebook page, because that is what we do now whenever we are disappointed with something that happens at a place we patronize – blast it all over social media. Ironically, the name of the bar is “Friendly’s.” The father had this to say about the experience: “So customers with children are a joke? This place isn’t so friendly. I got nowhere with management.”

Actually, you did get somewhere with management – in the door. Can we stop bringing our children to bars? People swear in those establishments. It may sound like I’m excusing what the waitress did – because I am. I think she’s totally stupid for getting caught – but if she had the patience to work around kids, she would have gotten a job at an Applebee’s.

(photo: Fabio Berti/ Shutterstock)