Some Reasons To Be Glad Thanksgiving Is Almost Over, In GIFs

Thanksgiving is a holiday I love. I love eating, I love bullshitting with my family for hours on end; the marriage of these two events makes it a pretty fantastic day. But I’m sure we can all agree that falling into bed on Thanksgiving night is usually a big relief. Here are some of the reasons I think we will all be glad Thanksgiving is over in a few hours – illustrated in GIFs.

The filthy lies can cease.

I hate having to pretend our neighbor’s homemade pumpkin pie is better than the delicious Fresh Market one we all really wanted to sink our teeth into. Mmmm… this is so good!

We can eat leftovers tomorrow the way the meal was meant to be consumed.

Filling a bowl with the only thing anyone really wants to eat – turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes – and covering it in gravy. Than mixing it all together and eating it with a spoon or shovel – whatever is handy.

We don’t have to pretend canned green beans are a revelation for a whole year.

Shredded, canned green beans are disgusting. That we pretend mushroom soup and canned fried onions make it better is totally weird.

We probably won’t have to pretend that we are 20x more mature and financially together than we really are until Christmas dinner.

Isn’t it exhausting making your life decisions seem fantastic for the length of an entire meal? Phew – I’m tired just thinking about the way I’m going to have to spin my life story in casual dinner conversation tonight.

We’re finally nearing the end of Pumpkinspicetravaganza season.

When did pumpkin spice flavoring take over? Seriously, when did it happen? We were all just happily going on with our lives, not even noticing that pumpkin spice was essential for survival – then BOOM.

Tomorrow we’ll have an excuse to listen to Christmas music.

 I know some people I hate it but I love it so much. My heart goes out to you if you work in retail and have to hear it incessantly – but it is really enjoyable when you are in control of how much of it is in your life. I do remember wanting to stab myself in the eye when I worked in a fancy Italian restaurant and had to listen to Pavarotti’s Christmas for hours on end, though.

It will be at least another month before we attempt to enjoy a meal while our mothers are mumbling about how fattening everything is.

Oh – is mine the only one that does this?


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