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12 Instances In Which Moms Are Most Definitely Entitled To Have A Drink

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Reasons Moms DrinkLast month, The Today Show featured a piece on “mommy drinking” and explored the idea that it may be a growing problem. At the ripe old age of 40, I am more likely to be in bed by 10PM than out partying. With two active children, a true gift is a full night’s sleep. In spite of this, I must admit I have continued my love affair with wine. I may not be able to polish off a whole bottle in one sitting (like the good old days), but a glass or two is very enjoyable. I know a lot of my fellow moms would agree. It is a great release for us, and not something we should be guilted about. In honor of all of my happy hour loving moms, I present “Twelve Instances in Which You Are Most Definitely Entitled to the Mommy Juice.”


  • “Husband Called, He Will be Late.”


Or, as I like to call it, that big “Eff you Moment”. You hung in there the whole day. Bedtime is approaching. It is the home stretch. You could use some relief. But yet, your partner, the love of your life, is for some reason not going to be home on time. He may have mumbled something about traffic, but that is no good excuse. He has two legs, you think to yourself, and could very well just get out and walk instead. In this case, you deserve a break. It is more than acceptable to get out that bottle opener and get started.



  • “Day From Hell”


This one really goes without saying. Every mom has these days. When nothing seems to go right. When you are both mentally and physically drained. And starting to question your own sanity. Go ahead and have that drink. I won’t judge you.



  • “Just Because You Are Awesome”


On the flip side, we do have some really great and productive days. Kids have been well behaved. Dinner is made. Home is spotless. For me, this type of scenario only occurs but once per year. But, I will take it. And savor it. It is the perfect drinking opportunity.



  • “Any Event Sans Kids”


I have a baby shower later this month. I will admit I have seen more than my share of diaper cakes, onesies and breast pumps. But, I don’t care. I am going to this event alone and that is all that really matters. I will even gladly participate in a corny baby shower game. All is good as long as I have a cocktail in my hand. I will make sure to forget for a few hours that I have two screaming children at home. They are my husband’s problem. For now.



  • “Kids Are Asleep Early”


To all the moms that are able to accomplish this one: I worship you. Enjoy that whole bottle tonight. Oh, and please give me your home number or any other contact info. You might as well come over and put my kids to bed too. They are still awake as I type.



  • It’s A “Tuesday”


I remember reading a few years ago that Tuesday at around 10 AM is the worst time for any person at their place of employment. I would have to guess that the same goes for a lot of us moms as well. Personally, Tuesday has not been the greatest day in my life thus far. It really is just there. Stuck in between Monday and the more fun days of the week. We may need to change that. A perfect day for a drink.



  • “Special Occasions”


There really are some days that are truly special and deserve to be enjoyed. I remember my daughter’s baptism as one of those days. We had lost our firstborn the year before, so it was bittersweet. We had come a long way. It was also nice to kick back and relax after all the stress of the planning. Mostly, it was great to be around friends, family and to relish in my role as a mom. The open bar didn’t hurt either.



  • “Holidays With the Family”


Holidays are stressful enough to begin with. Especially as a parent. Throw in your Aunt Edna with her endless questions and comments and prepare to launch into a full on anxiety attack. Aunt Edna means well. But, she did notice that you have gained a bit of weight since last year. She also wants to congratulate you on your upcoming tenth anniversary because, as she puts it, “nobody ever thought it would last.” Bottom’s up!



  • “Vacations With the Family”


As an adult, I am just beginning to realize that all of this “vacation” business is a lot of work. From packing, to travelling, to the incessant arguments….. It is a lot to take on. My favorite part is when the kids are finally asleep and I get to enjoy a little cocktail under the stars. Or, as I am hiding in the closet of the hotel room. Whatever works. I am really not that choosy.



  • “Potty Training”


My biggest advice for those embarking on the whole potty training process: make sure those liquor cabinets or stocked. You can thank me later.



  • Because Your Moms Told You So”


As a full time stay at home mom, stress will always be a given. Every once in awhile, it is nice to hang out with adults only. My friends and I try to get together monthly in order to vent, have some laughs and cocktails. It is one of the nicest things I can do for myself. It is much needed and I highly recommend it for all moms.



  • “You Just Popped that Baby Out”

My husband and I had a running joke throughout all of my pregnancies. As soon as I gave birth, he would pop open that bottle of champagne and we would have a toast. Interestingly (and surprisingly) enough, I was always too tired to do this. But it was a great thought. As someone who had always abstained the full nine months, I loved the idea of this reward. So, please, have that glass. You have earned it. And you have many wonderful years of motherhood to look forward to. Which is scary, but rewarding all the same. We will all get through it together. And, if we ever feel that we can’t, there is always wine.

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