5 Way Too Realistic Weapon Toys For Kids That No Parent Should Ever Buy

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Special Forces 10 Figures & Vehicle Set

special forces(Image: Toys R Us)

Oh, perhaps kids know what an AK47 is because action figures like these are supposedly for ages 3 to 8. Just take a minute to look at how detailed all these weapons are. Is it wrong that I wish these figures came with a set of innocent bystanders and body bags?

Lot of 4 Kids Toy B/o Grenades for Pretend Play


(Image: Amazon)

Simulates a real grenade.” In that it blows people up, or what?

The Beast Or Buddy Shooting Gallery

beast-or-buddy(Image: Hammacher Schlemmer)

This is my absolute favorite of the group, because it’s about hunting, not warfare, but the name of the game focuses on not accidentally shooting your “buddies.” Insert tasteful Dick Cheney/Arizona firing range joke here.

People rationalize buying their kids toy weapons with comments on how kids will invent guns out of sticks even if you don’t buy them — it’s just in their nature. Hmm, it’s also in their nature to bite each other and not use toilets. Let them use their imaginations all they want. We have the power to buy them something else.

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