16 Movies About Motherhood That Don’t Sugarcoat It

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Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore shows us that dreams don’t end when we become mothers.

We can all relate to feeling like we lost ourselves once we had kids. Our dreams take a backseat, along with our needs. Alice, recently widowed single mom, decides to follow her dreams of being a singer, but is ill-equipped to deal with the challenges of being a mother while trying to recapture her own identity. Motherhood has a way of changing who we are, and while it might seem like we lose so much of ourselves, we end up gaining more than we thought we could have. Alice’s journey is a great reminder of that, and one we could use from time to time.

Movies about motherhood can be funny and sad and yes, even scary. But when motherhood is depicted realistically, like it is in these movies, they can also be inspiring and meaningful.

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