Tween Finds Razor Blade In Halloween Candy And I Will Have Nightmares For Weeks Now

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My worst nightmare came true today. Well, my worst Halloween-related nightmare anyway. A 12-year-old boy in Pennsylvania claims that he found a razor blade in Halloween candy. A RAZOR. EEEK!

Matthew Hernley allegedly found the razor blade in a fun-sized package of M&M’s this past Sunday after trick-or-treating over the weekend. The find has prompted an investigation by both the local cops and the candy manufacturer, as well as weeks of nightmares for yours truly.  What’s worse, Matthew has no idea where he got the package, because seriously, who doesn’t give out fun-sized M&Ms?

Now, I know what many of you are thinking. This is probably BS. He’s an almost-teenage boy who probably wanted to pull a little prank and now it’s gone too far. That’s what I thought too…until I heard the police statement:

According to police:

“The package did not appear to be tampered with and we think this is probably is a manufacturing issue.”

Double EEK!

The idea of finding things like a razor blade in Halloween candy or pins and needles in an apple isn’t a new one. These legends have been going around for decades, and expect for a few rare instances, they have almost always been hoaxes. But those urban legends only take into consideration some wacko sociopath trying to hurt little kids. It’s all the more scary, to me at least, when the issue may lie with the manufacturer. If it could happen to one kid, there’s no telling how many packages could be compromised. According to the manufacturer, Mars:

“Food safety and product quality are of paramount importance to Mars. We were very disturbed to learn that a consumer had a product safety issue within our M&M’S Fun-size packaging. We will continue to investigate to better understand the nature of this incident and work with the local authorities”

All I know is that I will be checking my kid’s Halloween candy EXTRA well this year. As if I didn’t have enough to be paranoid about!