Ray Rice Costumes Are Racist And Make Fun of Domestic Violence, So Of Course They’re Super Popular This Year

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What do you do when blackface Halloween costume just isn’t offensive enough for you? Well, if you’re one of a shockingly large number of people on the Internet, you dress up as football player Ray Rice and his battered wife Janay. Racism? Check! Misogyny? Check! Humor at the expense of domestic violence victims? Check! Oh my god, they’ve done it: they’ve achieved the perfect Jerk Trifecta! What do they win, Merv? How about a public shaming on the Internet!

parents wearing ray rice costume(via)

The fact that their kid who took the picture isn’t aware that his mom and dad are Grade A assholes is proof positive that they are terrible parents as well as racist, misogynist idiots. kid wearing ray rice costume(via)

No, sure, drag your kid into your horribly misguided and unfunny attempt at humor. Make sure you put him in blackface, too. And then post it for the Internet to see! I’m sure there’s zero chance this will haunt him later in life.

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