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18 Rare Baby Names That Are Gaining In Popularity

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Image: iStock / Tatiana Dyuvbanova

When you like a more common name, but want to rare it up, add an “x”! Funnily enough, Beaux is the plural for Beau. The name Beau is popular for girls and boys. It’s a French name which means “handsome” or “beautiful”. While the spelling Beaux is a bit more unusual, the name Beau has been popular in this country for decades. It’s been on the list of baby names released by the Social Security Administration nonstop since 1969! Nameberry puts it at #156 on their list of the most popular baby names in 2017. It has a certain Southern charm, doesn’t it? If you want something more formal on the birth certificate, you could always go with Beaumont or Beauregard.

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