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18 Rare Baby Names That Are Gaining In Popularity

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game of thrones

Image: HBO / Game of Thrones

We’re seeing a lot of GOT names on the list! Ramsay or Ramsey is an, uh, interesting choice. But yay for another androgynous name! If you’re not familiar with the show Game of Thrones, then you should probably brush up on the character of Ramsay before falling totally in love with the name. See, the thing about Ramsay is … he was sort of a psychotic asshole. He helps his dad betray House Stark, tortures a guy (a little too gleefully, to be honest), and then pledges allegiance to House Lannister. He marries Sansa, but is so awful that she flees, which leads Ramsay to murder his entire family. He eventually gets what’s coming to him, but still. Ramsay is a cool name, but tread lightly using it.

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