Rapper Ruins Nanny’s Career Via Instagram Rant, Is Slapped With Defamation Lawsuit

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Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 9.40.54 AMIt is becoming more and more prevalent to take to the Internet to complain about services of all kinds. Rapper, The Game, took the trend of the “online rant” to another level when he went on Instagram to expose his nanny. He painted a portrait of basically the last woman on earth you would ever want watching your kids. He’s being slapped with the first lawsuit ever to result from an Instagram rant.

In June, The Game took to Instagram to list the problems he had with his former nanny, Karen Monroe. Seriously, he makes this woman sound like the queen of the shitty nannies. He accuses her of having sex in his daughter’s room, lying, stealing, screaming at his kids, drinking heavily, smoking around the children and sometimes dropping the kids off to be watched by others. He also makes claims that she neglects other children in her care, including Kelis and Nas‘ child.

Instead of reporting her to the agency he hired her from or warning Nas and Kelis directly about this allegedly dangerous nanny, he went on an Instagram rant and directed his fans right to her Twitter and Instagram accounts. You can imagine what happened next. She allegedly began receiving death threats and a landslide of harassment. Obviously, she can no longer get any work as a nanny.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

The lawsuit says that “numerous individuals have decided to send Plaintiff death threats, ridicule her, accuse her of crimes, express their hatred for her, harass her, and hold her out for scorn and contempt. Karen Monroe also says she lost her job, her ability to work in her industry and has experienced depression. She’s seeking an unspecified amount of general and special damages against The Game, who is also the star of a VH1 reality show called Marrying the Game.

What I got from his Instagram rant was a concerned, pissed off father trying to warn other parents. I think he had good intentions, but if you have over a million Twitter followers you better be sure what you are alleging is true.

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