The Top 10 T-Shirts For The Misogynistic Douchebag Dudebro In Your Life

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planned-parenthoodI get the internet. I know I am on the internet and I can find any number of really awful woman hatey bullshit that will make my blood boil. I get that we live in ‘Mericuh, I get that people can have their own opinions, we may not agree on everything, and I fully agree with  the first amendment, as long as I can also disagree with whatever hateful bullshit any number of people spew on a daily basis. I know some of these websites make shirts like this just because they can. They are offensive, they are meant to be offensive, and I’m sure certain people in the world would tell me to STFU and go clutch my pearls in a corner somewhere. Hell, they’d probably add in some insult about how I’m a MOM and I should worry about my own chillun’. But seriously guys, I stumbled upon one shirt while googling “Funny tourist T-shirt” (Because I needed an example of a tourist slogan and I couldn’t think of any) and I ended up going down the rabbit hole of hate on the internet. I know shirts like this will continue to be produced and purchased. I know a lot of people will find them funny. So keep in mind, I’m just a MOM and a woman and I spend a lot of time like thinking about rape and rape culture and violence towards women. I just don’t find this shit funny.

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( (This is no longer for sale, maybe they sold out)







And just because some of these dudebros may also be parents, some of these websites sell shirts for kids as well.



And it starts at size 0-six months.

Being offended by this shit doesn’t make me a “hysterical feminist” – it makes me a woman who is sick of people thinking this sort of not-funny, lamer type of humor is okay. I’m sure there are plenty of douchebag dudebros who purchase and happily wear shirts like this. You have my full permission to throat punch any of them if you see them wearing one.

AND get this, yeah people DO wear these, because my pal Katrin just sent me this:

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 10.20.02 AM



It should be noted, Katrin did not throat punch this guy, but she did grab a pic of him. UGH, he looks like a happy guy too.

(Image: T-shirt hell)