This Rant About the Worst Types of Parents Will Have You Saying ‘Yup’

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Parents and their children are super annoying sometimes. No one will ever dispute that. So comedian Matt Bellassai’s rant about the worst parents will have many nodding their heads and saying “Yup.” For those who don’t know Matt Bellasai, he has a podcast, “Unhappy Hour” and the video series “To Be Honest” In his videos, he gets drunk on wine and rants. So basically, he’s like me and my best friend. As of right now, Bellassai has no children. But his observations are spot on, so it doesn’t even matter. Many parents will either recognize themselves or someone that they know in Bellassai’s video. If you’re going to watch the video, make sure you can laugh out loud. Because you will in fact LOL.

So, what constitutes someone added to the list of ‘worst parents’?

Some of the parents Matt Bellassai deems “the worst?” Parents who can’t tell their kid’s no (we all know those), parents whose kids play sports, and fundraiser parents. He does however, make an excellent point about fundraisers. Who wants to buy wrapping paper and 30 dollar chocolate when Girl Scout cookies exist? His comparison of watching children’s sports to “watching a bunch of pigeons eating bread” is also spot on. “It’s only fun if they start biting one another,” he says.

As any parent can tell you, there’s a chance they know that parent or have been that parents. Sometimes you just can’t help it. But there is a difference from being that mom sometimes and being that mom all the time.

“I shouldn’t have to deal with your gremlin just because you got him wet and fed him after midnight.”

But the absolute best part of Bellassai’s rant? His thoughts on parents who think their kid is special. We all know that mom who thinks the sun rises and sets on her perfect angel. We also know that her kid is probably a little jerk.

“For every talented, gifted child in the world, there’s got to be at least 50 kids who have gotten a peanut M&M lodged in one of their body holes.” And he’s absolutely right. But, if your kid is one of those kids who got an M&M stuck in their nose, they’re very special and super gifted. Because it takes skill to do that.

So there you have it. These parents are most definitely “the worst.” And if you weren’t shaking your head in agreement? Well then, you either live under a rock or you’re the parent that he’s talking about.

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