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25 Random Parenting Memes That Will Never NOT Be Funny

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25. Don’t say it.

parenting memes don't speak

We tried to warn you, and yet, here you are. Talking back. Arguing. Trying to plead your case. In case you have forgotten, we do not care about your reasons. We just don’t care! Even if we are wrong (LOL, like that ever happens) WE DO NOT CARE. See, we are not in this business to entertain your arguments or deal with your talking back. We don’t care how valid your arguments are, go tell them to the dog. When we are done speaking, the conversation is over. Be real nice to all involved if you’d catch that clue.

Parenting is no joke, but at least these parenting memes give us a laugh when we really need one. Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


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