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Graduate’s Tribute to Her Immigrant Mom Is Hitting People in the Feels

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Graduations can be emotional times for many families. But for those of us who are the children of immigrants, they are often so much more than that. Many immigrants fled their native countries due to poverty or other lack of resources, political and religious persecution, or worse, escape war. Recently, one graduate’s touching tribute to her immigrant mom went viral—and for good reason. Ramla Tyrow, a recent grad from London’s Middlesex University posted the typical video of her thanking her mom for helping her graduate, but when you hear more about Tyrow’s mother’s journey, you’ll understand why folks can’t help liking and sharing.

A Beautiful Moment

In her tweet (which now has 248k likes, 84k retweets, and nearly 2k comments), Tyrow tells the world that her mother ran from a civil war just to keep her family safe and to afford them the education she could never have.

“Today you cried when you saw me in my robe. Did it for you,” she adds, along with a video of Tyrow’s mother holding her face and crying while being hugged by her daughter in cap and gown. It’s obviously an emotionally-charged moment but an important one to share given that there are currently over 65 million refugees in the world right now. See the video below:

One Immigrant Mom’s Story

But wait, you still need to hear Tyrow’s mother’s, Fardowsa’s story. See, both Ramla and Fardowsa were born in Somalia. And if you don’t know much about Somalia’s political climate, know that there has been an incredibly lengthy civil war going on in the country—one that’s left its people suffering from hunger and illness, among other things. Fardowsa made the decision to flee the country in 1991, when Ramla was just about five years old. Fardowsa took her family to the U.K. as refugees, where she worked hard to raise her seven children on her own. That Ramla ever made it to college is honestly something of a miracle.

Fardowsa had Ramla when she was quite young and never had the chance to finish her own education. So as you might imagine, seeing her daughter get her degree must have been a truly surreal experience. Congratulations to Ramla and to Fardowsa as well for helping make this incredible moment happen. And here’s to all the other immigrants currently struggling right now to make a new place their home, and to succeed where they have landed.

(Image: Twitter / @Ramla_Ty)