I Eat Raw, My Children Are Vegan, And No Animals Were Harmed In The Making Of This Message

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The one disturbing thing about meat for me was that it looked so raw, and it smelled odd. Each time I cooked chicken for example, blood would escape from some part of the flesh. When I’d see this happen, it made me think, “Omg, this poor animal is dying all over again!” I’d watch as animal  blood would mix into the stew or whatever dish I was preparing and that’s when I made the decision: I cannot cook meat or eat meat anymore. So I stopped. Just like that. From that moment on, I started to think of animals in a different way. Like you, I was aware how meat was derived. I’d seen videos where they’d do despicable things to animals. I saw how animal flesh was strung up in butcher shops and it didn’t faze me one bit because like you I had been conditioned to believe that this is OK. With new eyes I now choose to believe it isn’t OK, and I respect your decision to believe that it is OK. This is the beauty of choice and freewill.


It took me about a good month to stop judging and criticizing others for their choices. I recall July 1st when  my FIL had brought meat for us to cook. He wanted to my husband to barbecue and I told him no way. In fact, on the verge of hysteria I told him to remove the dead animals from our home immediately. I was insulted that having made the decision to be Vegan that my FIL would enter our home with all of this dead flesh. In hindsight it was pretty comical and I can laugh at myself now.


The point is this: We now know too much about too much and it’s high time we start being vigilante about what we consume. Our food choices are inextricably linked to body, mind and spiritual decline, deterioration, disease and discomfort, and this is a direct result of the harmful and unnatural food substitutes we ingest. Disease happens over time. Animal flesh is acidic. Fast food consumption depletes the body and mind of its ability to function properly over time. Some of us eat food items packed with preservatives and chemicals that sit on the grocery shelf for six months. Perhaps it’s time to seriously consider what that same item does to your body in less than six months. But I digress. This isn’t about food-shaming. On the contrary! This is about a personal choice. Do right by your family, and body and exercise yours.

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