10 Reasons Being An Olympic Mom Would Suck

Getting your kids to be athletes is always a great idea – until they are actually good at it. Then I imagine your life becomes an endless loop of practices, injuries and obligations. The P&G Olympics ads – while beautiful and touching – reminds me that I never want to be an Olympic mom:

That might be one of the sweetest things I have ever seen. It manages to encompass what it means to be an Olympic athlete – the dedication, the disappointment, the drive – and also what it means to be a mom – all in two minutes time. Aww…

There is still no way in hell I want to be an Olympic mom. Here’s why:

4 a.m. Wake-Up Calls

60% Of Your Adult Life Is Spent At Sporting Events Or In Carpools

You Have To Pretend Losing Doesn’t Matter

There Will Be Inevitable Trips To The ER

The Other Sports Moms

The Dumb Jokes And Small Talk During Meets

The Obligation

The Agony Of Watching Your Child Lose

Worrying About Terrorist Attacks

Brown Water

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