Rachel Zoe Fans Get All Judgey McJudgerson After She Posts Adorable Snap Of Son Skyler With Long Hair

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skylar long hairMothers and fathers who are veterans to the digital parenting sphere are well aware that every parent’s personal parenting decisions are fodder for a full on flame war come this side of the comments. Into extended breastfeeding? Taking a vacation when you have a baby at home? Distributing your childcare duties in a less than traditional fashion? Be prepared to meet a whole bunch of angry commenters who would kindly like to crucify you. But, as I’m sure Rachel Zoe has now learned, you can also run into these lovely individuals by even sharing an adorable picture on The Gram.

The stylist and mother posted a photo to Instagram of her toddler son Skyler. An adorable photo! The little baby’s blue eyes pop in what I’m certain needed very little filter help. But leave it to the angry Internet mobs to find something to get irked about. The crisis at hand? Well, a little boy with long hair. EPIC CRISIS:

skyler long hair rachelzoecomment2 rachelzoecomment3

Thankfully, the gender police are here to make all right again!

The lamos in line at the grocery store who are shaming you for not zipping up your kid’s coat are here — and this time they don’t like your kid’s haircut. What else is new.