‘Sources’ Claim Rachel Zoe Is Pregnant, Joining The 40+ Mom Club

rachel zoe and skylerAll those who were throwing a hissy fit at Rachel Zoe posting an adorable snap of her son Skyler with his curly locks may have a new baby to spew online vitriol at. And maybe even a girl baby with long curls in a year or so! The mother of said 2-year-old is reportedly expecting another baby at the age of 41. She and pregnant Halle Berry should start a 40+ mom club and invite pregnant Kate Winslet just for the hell of it.

According to Us Weekly, the mother and husband Rodger Berman have yet to confirm her pregnancy. But multiple “sources” within other tabloids are also gabbing the same new baby song.

Given that Zoe has candidly described her toddler son as a “living doll with no opinion right now,” a baby of either sex will likely mean plenty of baby dressing up — regardless of sex. But when pressed about her son’s fancy stylings, Zoe has admitted that she throws herself into Skyler’s wardrobe simply because she doesn’t have a girl to dress.

OH NOES! Don’t let a baby sister for Skyler mean that we will not longer be treated to his adorable rompers, matching boots, and swanky fedoras.

(photo: WENN.com)

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