Parents Claim The Runaway Cheerleader Is Staying With Friend’s Family Because It’s A Boozefest

Rachel Canning Underage DrinkingNow that it’s my official job to being you all of the Rachel Canning news, the cheerleader who ran away from home and is cranky her parents won’t give her child support , today’s story includes allegations made by Rachel’s mom Elizabeth who claims that the family Rachel is living with are not the best role models for her young (-ish, keep in mind, Rachel is 18) daughter. Why do Rachel’s parents say this about the Inglesino family who have heroically taken in their daughter because they wanted free advertising due to the fact Jon Ingelisno is an attorney worth millions of dollars  believe in her future and want Rachel to be able to go on to college? Because they supply all the underage girls with rivers of booze.

From your best friends at The Daily Mail:

When Rachel Canning was a 15-year-old freshman she got so drunk on vodka at Jon Inglesino’s home that she was sick all over the sidewalk and into a garbage can after her dad Sean picked her up for a basketball game.

And according to the Canning family, Inglesino’s wife Amy gave Rachel and her friends wine coolers in the back of a limo bound for New York on her daughter’s 15th birthday.

WAIT back up the bus, limo”¦ New York City.. 15th birthday whaaaaaaaaat?

Achoooooo we have a big case of what you guys are calling affluenza here.

And here is an image from the Facebook page of Amy Inglesino.


I am not sure which one of these supermodel looking young ladies is Rachel’s BFF.

And I realize it’s sort of bitchy of me to post that, because I do understand that there are plenty of rich people who take their kids to Paris who are perfectly awesome parents and who raise their kids without giving them wine coolers in the backs of limos for their 15th birthday, and these are all just allegations anyway, we have no proof whether or not this actually happened. And all we have about the whole garbage can puking incident is the testimony of Sean Canning.

According to the report, Rachel was all foot-stompy because:

”˜The Inglesino household, according to Rachel in the past, is more lenient. She would often tell us how the Inglesino parents would allow alcoholic parties to be held at their house.

”˜Rachel was angry because we would not host an alcoholic party.

I have a teenager. If he asked me if he could have a booze party I would laugh in his face and when I was done laughing in his face I would drink all the booze. I do sort of find it hard to believe the Inglesino’s supplied young teenagers with booze, but then again, I have a hard time understanding hiring a limo to take your kid to a major city for her birthday with friends. I plan on all of my kid’s parties to include what they always have, hot dogs from Costco and Nerf Gun fights in the backyard. I would show you more Facebook images, but they have an amazingly beautiful pool and I don’t want you guys to cry. It should be noted I also have a pool,but mine is sort of broken and last year it had two dead squirrels and spiders in it.

I also hate to tell you guys this, but they are not taking our brilliant advice of shutting up and going home and getting family therapy. Maybe next week! ALSO! I am sort of starting to feel like this is an excellent made for TV movie and/or a soap opera, so you guys we need to get to work on writing the script so we can all become gazillionaires and also go to Paris.

(Image: Facebook)

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