Runaway Cheerleader Rachel Canning Predictably Brags About Her Newly Awarded College Scholarship

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In recent “life is not fair” news, entitled runaway cheerleader Rachel Canning, who made headlines for suing her parents for child support and tuition, was awarded a college scholarship. If you know anything about the wonderful Rachel, you may have already guessed that she bragged about her generous $56,000 scholarship shortly after it was awarded. Yes, this is exactly what she did.

Here’s a quick background on Rachel if you’re just catching up:

According to news reports, on October 30, 2012, two days before her 18th birthday Rachel and her parents had a disciplinary hearing at Morris Catholic where she was suspended for truancy… After this meeting, she ran away from home to stay with one of her friends, and their parents are funding the lawsuit she has instigated against her parents.

There is some justice in the world because the judge ultimately tossed her case out of court:

According to a news report from The Daily Mail, the attorney for Rachel’s parents was quoted as ’Her return home is not contingent on any financial and/or other considerations…

Which brings us to where we are today. Now, sweet little Rachel plans to attend Western New England University, a four-year private university in Massachusetts. Here’s where it gets a little strange yet again—Rachel was awarded a scholarship at roughly $10,000 more than the cost of tuition. Her scholarship totals at $56,000 compared to estimated tuition and living expenses at $47,000.

I personally would be quite pleased to receive such a substantial scholarship. But Rachel takes it a step further by predictably bragging about her good fortune via Facebook. While the courts have agreed that Rachel is spoiled and have cleared her family of allegations of child abuse, Rachel isn’t doing herself any favors as she continues to exhibit the same spoiled behavior time and again.

All I can say is Western New England University students and faculty, WATCH OUT. As my surrogate father Dr. Phil would say, “The greatest predictor of future behavior is past behavior.” Here’s my prediction for Rachel as an up-and-coming college student: It will only be a matter of time before she is involved in some kind of scandal and tries to sue her way out of it.

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