Runaway Cheerleader Rachel Canning Is Off To College With A Nice Scholarship

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Rachel Canning Runaway Cheerleader Gets Huge ScholarshipHere’s total proof that you can make headlines for being a total spoiled monster child and still get away with getting all the scholarship dollars when it comes to college time if your grades are good enough, because our favorite runaway teen who tried to divorce her parents has been award $56,000 in scholarship money. Part of me thinks good for her, it’s nice when kids get money for college, and maybe Rachel will go on to do great things with her life and prove everyone wrong that she isn’t spoiled and awful, but the majority of my feelings lie with all the kids who don’t get scholarship bucks, who have wonderful grades and awesome test scores and who keep their heads down and don’t make the papers for trying to sue their own parents for child support. The scholarship is to Western New England University, a private co-ed university in Springfield.

Your best friends at The Daily Mail are quick to get all super clucky at Rachel, stating that due to the fact she quoted Ed Sheeran lyrics on her twitter page that our pal Rachel is up to no good:

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Did the lyrics from English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran reflect reality for the 18-year-old?They do if it went anything like many of her last high school days and nights, when photos reveal Canning and her friends drinking and partying hard.

Which only proves The Daily Mail is like the crabby, disapproving aunt of journalism and basically can’t fathom teenagers who go out drinking during their senior year.

The scholarship money probably won’t get Rachel far, because the college she plans on attending costs around 46 thousand a year, and who knows? Maybe the next time we hear about her she will be doing something wonderful for the world. Or else, filing a lawsuit against her university.

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