Quvenzhané Wallis Wins The Oscars Without Actually Winning An Oscar

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quvenshane wallisThere were plenty of controversial elements to tonight’s Academy Awards. From an entire song reducing the country’s most accomplished actresses to their breasts to the Jaws send-off music, Oscars viewers had plenty to criticize. But the one thing everyone had to agree on is just how incredibly adorable Quvenzhané Wallis is. Even without winning an Oscar, this girl won the Oscars.

The talented 9-year-old girl plays Hush Puppy in the independent film breakout Beasts Of The Southern Wild. She is the youngest female actress to ever be nominated for the Best Actress category. And while most people probably don’t mean it when they say this, we have a feeling that Wallis really, truly believes it was honor just be nominated. She just seems to be enjoying the ride oh-so-much.

There was a moment right after Quvenzhané’s film has its Best Picture trailer when the little girl flexed her mini-muscles and showed just how excited and proud she was. And really, it’s this amazing little girl’s strength that made everyone fall in love with her. She repeated the gesture after the announcement of her nomination. And even though she lost the grand prize to Jennifer Lawrence, you could see that this young girl felt like she had already won. You could see just how happy she was for her fellow actress.

Child stars have been nominated for awards before. We normally like to assume that they’re cursed after that. But if there’s one child who is strong enough to battle that troubled history, it looks to be Quvenzhané Wallis. She wasn’t the Best Actress this time, but we have every feeling that we’ll be seeing this little girl in the years to come and that her year will come at the Oscars.

As for this year, in a broadcast filled with controversy, she might be the most reliably wonderful part of the show. And that deserves an award all its own.