9 Questions Your Kids Will Ask You About Your Period

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Everyone knows that kids love to ask questions. They also pick up on a lot more than we give them credit for. I don’t make a habit of using the bathroom in front of my kids but over the last seven years of motherhood, we have had to use public stalls together numerous times and of course, they barge in on me at home whenever they see fit. That means that no matter how discreet I have been, they have seen some things and of course, they have asked some questions. The thing that has blown their minds the most is undoubtedly my period. Over the years, they have come up with some doozies, as I’m sure your kids have too. Here are some awkward questions your kids will ask you about your period:

1. “Momma, are you gonna die?”



It’s possible.

2. “Is that a rocket?”



Sure. Or a sword or a jelly fish. Dream big.

3. “Do you need a band-aid for that?”

yes sir


In a manner of speaking. I know, I know- I won’t use your Hello Kitty ones.

4. “Can I play with these? They look like stickers!”



Go nuts.

5. “Why don’t I bleed when I go pee?”

my facepalm


Why isn’t your Daddy home yet?

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