Top 8 ‘Good’ Parenting Memes That Are Actually Pretty Questionable

In the internet era, the meme is king, as we’ve discussed before. There are memes about everything, and parenting is no exception. One type of meme I’ve noticed lately is the “Parenting: You’re Doing It Right” meme where typically, the parent is doing something awesome, or sweet, etc. Occasionally, it’s meant to be ironic and the parent is holding their kid over a window ledge, Michael Jackson style (but those aren’t the ones I’m talking about here).

While most of the “you’re doing it right” parenting memes are spot on, every once in a while I will come across one that just doesn’t seem right. Of course, this is totally subjective, and I fully expect some of these to cause a debate, but to me, these are less an example of good parenting and more a lesson is the ridiculous. Here are the top eight questionable good parenting memes I found online, and no, none of these seemed to be meant as ironic, at least not on the sites I found them on. Judge for yourself.

8. Then why bother with the sign?

questionable good parent memes (1)

Did the lesson about not making a viral picture to ask for things need to be taught with a viral picture? I think not.

7. It’s funny…

questionable good parent memes (1)

…until you realize that the kid will probably be peeing her bed until she is 20, dreaming about daddy in the computer again. Was all that therapy money worth the five minute laugh? Maybe

6. No. Just no. 

questionable good parent memes (1)

Because making fun of your kid (kids? it says kids, so I feel bad for whatever the other kid was made to wear) for wearing shit you made them up on. Klassy.

5. Harr Harr Harr

questionable good parent memes (1)

Two for three with the gay jokes, #DoubleKlassy

4. At least they left a blanket

questionable good parent memes (1)

This one bothers me more than it should. This is NOT good parenting, regardless of how many borderline sociopaths online say it is.Good parenting is setting boundaries and consequences BEFORE the kid breaks a rule. Not leaving him/her out on the porch to get mauled by a pack of rabid lemurs or whatever.

3. I was with her until the last line…

questionable good parent memes (1)

That is TMI for pretty much everyone involved. He didn’t want you to write that and I didn’t want to read it. NOPE.

2. The classic shaming meme

questionable good parent memes (1)

This are awful. If the only punishment you can think of it “shame my kid in a grocery store parking lot” then you’re either I’ve run out of ideas you’re just an asshole.

1. DAFUQ did I just read?

questionable good parent memes (8)

This sounds like a problem that could’ve been solved with, oh, I dunno, taking the existing Playstation away. Or literally anything besides being a sadist and “pretend” breaking it. WTF?



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