32 Things You Didn’t Know About The Queer Eye Fab Five

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Bobby has to pre-prep for the home makeovers

Bobby may be a design genius, but he’s only human. During some episodes of Queer Eye, he’s building rooms from scratch or completely remodeling an entire house! It forces a lot of people to wonder how he can do all that in the same time it takes Antoni to teach somehow how to make guacemole. (No hate, Antoni.) But that’s actually a behind-the-scene secret of the show — he simply cannot work in the time parameters of Queer Eye, so he receives measurements and details for the houses in advance of filming. This way, he has time to order custom fixtures or things (like windows!) that need to be bought more than three days in advance. “I would get a little one-sheet on the guys or the guys and their families,” he explained to Architectural Digest.  Then, he and his team work around the clock to make sure the house is ready for the big reveal at the end of the time with the heroes.

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