Epic Family From ‘Queen Of Versailles’ Documentary Is Back To Building Their Massively Tacky Dream House

Jackie SiegelIf you haven’t seen the Queen of Versailles documentary, you need to. Like now. Like open another window with your Netflix streaming and have that loading while you finish reading this post. We’re talking epic layers of wealth, class, straight up nanny enslavement, economic recession commentary, women’s roles, and that’s only the first half hour. But for those of you who haven’t had the Queen of Versailles experience, suffice it to say that the obscenely wealthy Siegel family (of eight children) set out to build a Versailles-inspired home in Florida.

Then the economy tanks.

Then their dreams of gold-encrusted toilets or whatever tank and the lavish house construction comes to a standstill.

But it looks like the massive glittering adornment to Florida’s shores is back on. Who says the economy is still in the crapper?

The New York Post reports that Jackie Seigel and timeshare mogul David Seigel are “back to living large.” Apparently, “David’s business has improved of late,” and so their own personal Versailles is being built again — and with new developments:

Earlier this year, they resumed construction on Versailles ”” with a new layout. Instead of sandboxes and playrooms, there are man caves and yoga studios for their now-older children. There are also three pools, three hot tubs, two bowling alleys, two game rooms, a disco, a roller rink, bomb shelter, 30-car underground carport, a wine cellar and two movie theaters. And while Jackie’s 12-year-old son, David Jr., speeds around a racetrack at 80 miles per hour in his $7,000 go-kart, his mom says she’ll give him the equipment he needs: a mechanic, a trainer and a coach.

And yes, some of the Seigel family members were not too pleased with their depiction as batty and rich loons in director Lauren Greenfield‘s documentary. David Seigel reportedly tried to sue her, stating that he had no idea she was making a full on movie, but ultimately lost the case in January of this year.

But no biggie because now Jackie has her sights set on becoming the next “Real Housewives” franchise. A reality TV star is born:

 ”I don’t have time to watch a lot of TV but I probably need to start educating myself on the ”˜Housewives’ and what’s out there,” she says. Some of her children are less enthusiastic about their new fame.

I would watch this lady do nothing short of simultaneously read the phone book while getting her nails done, so fair.

(photo: Hudson/WENN.com)

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