Welcome To Mommywood: Queen Latifah ‘Working On’ Adopting A Child

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queen latifah adopting childLooks like Queen Latifah may be jumping on the Mommywood bandwagon. The actress discussed her plans to adopt on The View, telling Barbara Walters, “I’m actually kind of working on that [adoption]. I think I saw one of those specials… you know, those movies of the week. And it was like…I just always wanted to bring a child home.”

Wait a minute here – a movie of the week made Queen Latifah want to have a child? (What is this, 1983?) Walters, too, wanted to know if she was serious and, well, it looks like she is! “I’m totally serious, so if you got a kid that you don’t [want]… Just give me a year – let me set up camp and me the kid. But no, no, totally.”

So there you have it. This is all wonderful news for Queen Latifah, and we wish her the best. What I can’t get over, however, is the number of people (i.e., internet trolls) who are now discussing her sexuality as a result. What I’d like to know is what one’s sexual orientation has to do with wanting to adopt a child?

Latifah is 42 years old and single. And now she’d like to start a family. That makes her gay? For starters, it’s nobody’s business (and who cares either way?). But to question her sexuality based on her decision to adopt is just absurd – and totally old-school, as far as I’m concerned. Equally as annoying are those who question who this child’s father will be (“Where’s King Latifah?” asked one, which did make me laugh for about two seconds before rolling my eyes big-time).

Of course, Queen Latifah has dealt with rumors about her sexuality for quite some time. And now this whole adoption plan is fueling them once again. I say we focus on the fact that she will make a wonderful mother and that there is no longer a single definition of “family.” Her sexuality, whatever it may be, shouldn’t matter one bit.

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