Park’s Anti-Pedophile Ban On The Childless Makes Adults Whine Like Babies

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1. Reading comprehension is hard puxton park comment 2Yes, a ban on lone adults is just like saying this woman’s 13-year-old son going to the adventure park makes him a predator. That is exactly what the park rules are saying

2. No really, reading comprehension is really hard

puxton park 5 not just menThe park saying “no thank you” to single adults does not mean unmarried adults. This is not a comment on your relationship status, it just means if the rest of us have to be encumbered by the little darlings at the paddle boat launch, so do you.

3. Someone’s probably already having a wank over your kids, so who cares?puxton park have a wankHandling the situation with good grace, Sophie reminds us all that if you have a Facebook profile picture with your kids in it, someone browsing the Puxton Park comments for wank fodder is going to find it.

4. A ban on single adults is apartheid

puxton park 3No, that’s a totally reasonable comparison to South African apartheid. A single place being off-limits for single adults is just like Nelson Mandela’s struggle, and Samantha is a great hero for fighting against this oppressive pony-petting regime.

5. Single adults are a protected class now

puxton park comments 3Something here really IS that ridiculous, but I don’t think it’s what Knackered Mum thinks it is.

6. Soldiers died so that Martin could play in the ball pitpuxton park innocent till proven guilty It’s Armistice Day today, so what better way to honor our fallen heroes than using our freedom of speech to whine on Facebook about how men died in the fields of France to keep people like these Puxton Park mini-Hitlers from destroying our freedom!?

(Image: Puxton Park Facebook)

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