8 Moms You Find At Every PTA Meeting

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pta starbucks momIt’s not secret that I absolutely loathe the PTA. For years I dutifully dragged myself once a month to these snooze-fest meetings, convinced that this was what I had to do to be a good mom (at least until I realized there were other ways to support my kid’s school). Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure there are great PTAs out there and I understand how much good they can be for schools (when they’re done right). I’m just saying that I’ve never had a good experience. The worst part about the PTA, in my opinion, is the mean girls factor. For some reason, every PTA I have ever attended has been filled with clique-ish, catty parents and grandparents who seemed more worried about the latest gossip than what they could do to support the school. Below are 10 parents I’ve found at every PTA meeting. I specify moms for the sake of brevity, but these could be dads, grandmas, aunts, uncles etc. Sanctimommy and annoying know no age or sex.

1. Type A Mom

This type of PTA meeting mom is usually the president, treasurer, or whatever other position gets a ton of power. She is in charge and it’s her way or the highway. This is the mom who will rat you out for making an off color joke and will steal your ideas to kiss the principal’s ass. Beware!

2. The Sippy-Cup-O-Wine Mom

will and grace drunk

This literally happened once at a PTA meeting I attended. I am not above a little day drinking (regardless of what jokes I make) but come one, can’t it wait an hour?

3. The Angry Mom

This mom is all drama, all the time. Little things that might annoy you or me set this parent off to no end. The Angry Mom is the lady you see screaming at other parents in the car pool and yelling obscenities at the volleyball coach. You do NOT want to get on her bad side.

4. The Gossip Girl Mom

gossip mom mariah carey


The PTA mom knows everyone’s business and isn’t afraid to share it with you. She might seem fun at first, but don’t let her know your secrets, unless you want the entire school yard to know.

5. The Bully Mom

punch you in the boob

This mom wants what she wants and doesn’t give a hoot how it might effect everyone else. Is your kid allergic to nuts? Well, tough titty because her snowflake LOVES peanut brittle and nothing is going to stand in the way of his delicious lunch time treat.

6. The “I’m Too Cool For This” Mom

GOT cool mom

I will totally cop to being this mom from time to time. You don’t even know why she’s at the PTA, and she certainly doesn’t participate if she doesn’t have to.

7. The Sports Mom

hockey mom

The name says it all. This mom’s number one priority is SPORTS. If you’re interested in increasing the softball budget or you want better soccer equipment, she’s your gal. If you care about literally anything else school-related, you’re shit out of luck, because Sports mom gives ZERO fucks about your library funding issue. Reading is for dweebs.

8. The Artsy Fartsy Mom

dance mom crazy

This mom is similar to the sports mom, except she is all about the arts. If you aren’t careful, she will dominate the meeting with her harebrained ideas to raise cash for that interpretive dance program that no one wants.