Six Reasons Why IVF Treatments Actually Rock

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4. That braggy mom you hate who’s always talking about her perfect kids and showing off her professionally edited family photos, the one who wants you to know that she is WINNING at parenting? Nothing eats at moms like that more than seeing another mother with something exclusive that she can’t have.

Make her “here is my newborn inexplicably tangled in a bag of yarn” pics look so last season when you debut a photo of your actual embryos. Sure, you know the clinic only gave you the picture as proof that they didn’t swap your eggs with the lady in the next room, but all your nemesis will see is a super exclusive photo that she can’t replicate.


5. You can give your father the best gift ever.

No, not talking Superbowl tickets. Dads love being told they’re going to become a grandpa, but no dad wants to think about what his daughter did to make that happen.  When I told my dad that the IVF worked and I was pregnant he was thrilled because he can continue on in his blissful fantasy that I somehow remain a virgin. Thanks science!

6. A baby.


Yes, IVF is expensive, and stressful, and painful but I feel very lucky to live in a moment in history where the technology is possible and in a country that respects my reproductive rights enough to authorize the procedure.  Yes, IVF is not 100%, but if it all works out, at the end of the day you get to have a new little baby (or babies), which is universally awesome and makes it all worthwhile.

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