Six Reasons Why IVF Treatments Actually Rock

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1. Sex can be fun again.


No more forcing yourself to do the deed when all you want to do is watch Real Housewives. No more checking cervical fluid (is this what eggs whites look like?), charting your menstrual cycle, using a basal thermometer the second you open your eyes in the morning or peeing on those pricey ovulation sticks. No more specific and boring positions or putting your feet over your head post deed in hopes of getting lucky. Just fun, spontaneous, whenever and whatever you want sexy time.

2. Alcohol.

It would be a cruel, cruel world if women going through infertility issues were also denied the good grape juice. Lots of women who are trying to conceive hop on the wagon “just in case” or go about their usual drinking schedule only to find out they are unexpectedly pregnant and then worry about any possible effect on the baby. Since IVF treatments dictate which days are red letter, you can drink without guilt the rest of the time. Me, I deliberately went to a wine bar the day before my embryo transfer and had a marvelously tipsy, guilt free time. Bottoms up.


3.  You never have to worry about birth control.


It can be hard to see this as a benefit when you desperately want to get pregnant, but if you make it to the other side and have the kid(s) you want, you’ll suddenly appreciate how awesome this is. Maria Guido recently wrote this hilarious feature about birth control once you’re done having kids. I loved it, but I love even more that I’ll never have to argue with my husband over whether he should get a vasectomy or if I need an IUD. No more “did I remember to take my pill” scares, no more condoms and no unexpected siblings that would inevitable come just as I potty trained my first two.

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