Netflix Is Hiring Professional Binge-Watchers and All I Need to Know Is Where to Send My Resume

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Anyone in the market for a cool new job? One that requires you to watch TV and GET PAID FOR IT? Netflix is hiring for an “editorial analyst”, which is just fancy media-speak for someone who literally watches TV for a living. The streaming network posted the job listing for professional binge-watchers a few days ago, but it has since mysteriously disappeared. No worries, Netflix! I’m available, call me.

Professional binge-watchers (editorial analysts, if you’re nasty) will watch, rate, and write analysis for Netflix original content.

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Isn’t everyone’s idea of the perfect job one that will pay them to do what they’d be doing anyway? It’s not like we don’t spend hours a week watching TV and movies. You can even have business cards printed up that say “Just one more episode”. No one do that, my idea!

The job listing is no longer available, because I imagine Netflix got thousands of applicants within a few hours. And no one has time for that.

The job requirements were fairly straight forward. You have to know a bit about TV shows and movies (not a problem). Candidates have to be able to write about what they’ve watched (I can do that). Functioning eyeballs and a strong WIFI connection help (check and check). The editorial analyst will watch original content like Wild, Wild Country and Stranger Things, then rate, tag, annotate, and write analysis about what they watched.

“What was your major in college?” “Professional TV watcher.” “No, I mean what’s your degree in?” “I just told you.”

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Considering roughly 60% of the population of this country is at least partially qualified to do this job, Netflix has their work cut out for them. Is there some kind of TV viewing test? Do you get dinged during the interview process if you take off your pants? I certainly hope not, or else I’ll just be withdrawing my name for consideration right now.

So, if this sounds like the job for you, start stalking the Netflix jobs page. Surely they’ll relist the position once the heat is off. And then, we make our move. And take off our pants.

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