16 Celebs Who Have Been Very Vocal About The Importance Of Vaccinations

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One of those pro-vaccine celebrities who put their money where their mouth is: Bill Gates.

Image: Instagram/@thisisbillgates

We owe a lot of the technology we use today to Bill Gates. But these days, he and wife Melinda spend their time (and money) doing philanthropy. Through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the couple has pledged $10 billion to fund what they’re calling “the decade of vaccines”. Their goal is to increase vaccination rates around the world by 2020, which could save as many as 8 million children. They’re focusing on increasing vaccine access, improving routine immunizations, introducing new vaccines, and ramping up research and development. There aren’t many people in the world with the resources the Gates’ have, so we’re glad they’re on the side of science!

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