16 Celebs Who Have Been Very Vocal About The Importance Of Vaccinations

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Kim Kardashian is a trendsetter, even when it comes to vaccines.

Image: Instagram/@kimkardashian

We forget that vaccinating our kids is only the first step in protection. Adults who will be spending time around babies also need to be vaccinated! On an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim insisted that her family members get their Tdap vaccine before they could visit new baby North. In fact, she was so adamant about it that when one sister refused, Kim told her she wouldn’t be able to be around North! Spoiler alert: that sister got her Tdap vaccine. Tdap protects children against pertussis, which can be catastrophic in newborns. Since newborns are too young to receive the shot, adults and kids around them can create a herd immunity by being vaccinated against it.

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