16 Celebs Who Have Been Very Vocal About The Importance Of Vaccinations

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Pro-vaccine celebrities have been around even longer than that, though. Lewis Carroll debated smallpox anti-vaccine propaganda in 1877.

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Lewis Carroll might be most known for his wacky and whimsical literary masterpieces. But one thing he wasn’t fantastical about was vaccines. In 1877, Carroll responded to a letter published in the Eastbourne Chronicle. The writer of the letter, Mr. W Hume-Rothery, claimed that the smallpox vaccine was actually causing smallpox in large numbers of people. Carroll responded to the letter using his real name, Charles L. Dodgson. He refuted Hume-Rothery’s claims, and a long and contentious correspondence took place. Carroll, having made his point, “retired after the third round”. Seemingly setting the stage for future tenaciously wrong anti-vaxxers, Hume-Rothery continued writing letters until the editor finally put an end to the correspondence.

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