16 Celebs Who Have Been Very Vocal About The Importance Of Vaccinations

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Marissa Jaret Winokur advocates for the HPV vaccine.

Image: Instagram/@marissajaretwinokur

Actress Marissa Jaret Winokur is one of our pro-vaccine celebrities, and her reasons are very personal. In 2000, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She lost her cervix and uterus after finding out the cancer had spread, but luckily has been cancer-free for over 18 years now. Marissa says, “I learned about a year ago that HPV, a common virus, causes cervical cancer. Now there is an HPV test that might have caught my precancerous cells earlier. There’s a vaccine, which can be given to women before they’re sexually active. It makes sense to take these precautions. I’ll encourage my friends’ teenage daughters to get vaccinated.”

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