16 Celebs Who Have Been Very Vocal About The Importance Of Vaccinations

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Kristi Yamaguchi glides on the ice, but also scores high on being one of our pro-vaccine celebrities.

Image: Instagram/@kristiyamaguchi

Kristi Yamaguchi competed as an ice skater at the highest levels of competition, and skated circles around her competitors. If anyone understands the importance of keeping your body as healthy as possible, it’s Kristi! Yamaguchi is an advocate for the flu vaccine. She says, “Being a skater, I was skating in competitions through flu season so we had to be protected,” she recalls. “I remember having the flu once when I was a teenager, but my mom was always very good at getting us vaccinated.” Yamaguchi also served as a spokeswoman for the American Lung Association’s Face of Influenza campaign.

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