Breaking The Princess Myth: 6 Criticisms To Raise With Your Daughter

little girl princess

Princess play can be wonderful past-time for all kids, even little girls. Dressing up in costumes, claiming their kingdom, and running the show in a petticoat can be the cornerstone for some our most beloved girly girls. But while there is nothing inherently damaging or problematic about girls modeling their play after powerful women, princess culture — a separate concept entirely — quickly has them waiting around for a prince, counting their jewels, and developing anxieties about their beauty all in the name of Disney.

But no need to toss that plastic castle in the trash and revoke any “princess” shirts you see lying around. If your daughter loves nothing more than a pink dress, a sceptre, and a late night viewing of Sleeping Beauty, let her have her fun — but get her wheels turning about core princess concepts with these important questions.


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