18 Ways Princess Diana Shook Up The Royal House

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She gave away a piece of her garden

Image: Instagram/jeania124

Diana was godmother to seventeen children, but only one was kept secretly close at hand. Her friend, Rosa, suffered a premature birth with her second daughter and lost the baby. Diana was the one who encouraged Rosa to name the little girl and then offered her private garden at the palace as a site to lay the baby to rest. Only three people and a Catholic priest attended the ceremony, both as a means to keep the location private and because Diana had been advised against allowing this.

Later, Diana purchased an urn to mark the site, to which Rosa and her husband had a key so they could mourn whenever they felt the need. The urn was removed with Diana’s estate after her death, although the butlers that dug the grave took pictures first so that Rosa and her husband wouldn’t forget the location. Despite new royals taking over the garden, the baby’s peace has remained intact even during renovations. They were informed and quietly left that ground undisturbed.

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