18 Ways Princess Diana Shook Up The Royal House

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Jewelry for us all

Image: Instagram/princessdiana_

Diana’s now renown sapphire engagement ring was considered less than ideal by many tabloids at the time Charles gave it to her. Most royal jewelry is custom made by the crown’s official jeweler. Diana’s ring, however, wasn’t a tailored thing. Instead, Charles had Diana shown a selection of rings, and she chose the sapphire surrounded by diamonds. The papers at the time turned up their noses at her selection, some even calling it a “commoner’s ring.” Diana was not a commoner but a member of the peerage with the title ‘Lady’ since her father had the title of ‘Earl.’ However, when the ring was resized to fit the future Duchess of Cambridge’s finger, it would find a resting place on a commoner’s hand. Ironic.

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