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Princess Beatrice Sliced Ed Sheeran Right in the Face with a Sword While Trying to Knight James Blunt

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(Via Instagram/Ed_Sheeran_EU)

Prince Harry may have officially lost his “Party Royal” title for good this week, because while he’s been off acting all noble and heroic, his cousin Princess Beatrice sliced Ed Sheeran right in the face with a sword.

Rich people have the weirdest parties.

The Telegraph reports that Princess Beatrice was at a party this weekend at the home of her father, Prince Andrew. James Blunt and Ed Sheeran were both in attendance, and at some point James Blunt mentioned that he would like to be knighted so that everyone would have to call him “Sir James.”

Princess Beatrice–the redhead who wore that beige hat that looked like a uterus to Kate Middleton’s wedding–said she’d be happy to do it and picked up a sword, because when you’re rich and fancy, people apparently just leave swords lying around at parties. She hoisted the sword to “knight” James Blunt, but instead swung it back over her shoulder in a wild arc and slashed Ed Sheeran right in the face. He had a small gash right under his right eye. Fortunately she did not actually slash him in the eye, but he did need to be rushed to the hospital for stitches.

Princess Beatrice is probably hiding from her grandmother as we speak. It’s tough to say which would annoy the queen more, her granddaughter swinging a sword around a crowded room, or her granddaughter “knighting” someone as a joke. It’s a tough call, but wherever Beatrice is, her mother is probably hiding with her, because her mother was at the party, too. Beatrice and Fergie are probably in for a real earful at Christmas.

Former “wildest royal” Prince Harry is probably off dancing somewhere, because he’s winning the Favorite Royal list by a landslide, thanks to the way he loudly and officially condemned the racist and sexist harassment faced by his new girlfriend, Meghan Markle, when the press got wind that they were dating. Prince Harry is having a good turn as Prince Charming, but it was not so long ago that he used to be the wild one you could’t really trust to behave well at a party. Just four years ago he was the wacky, embarrassing Prince Harry who did things like get naked in front of open windows in the middle of Las Vegas, and that’s nowhere near the worst thing he has ever done.

The royal family, Princess Beatrice, and Ed Sheeran have all stayed quiet about the incident, but Sheeran has been out taking pictures with fans, and he does appear to have a small gash under his right eye in recent photos.