The Royal Family Shockingly Doesn’t Want To Talk About Prince Harry’s Naked Photos

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Prince HarryLong sought after heartthrob Prince Harry made the dreams of some ladies and gentleman come true when the 27-year-old went nudist and caught the light — the flash of a camera that is!

TMZ reports that the Prince “put the crown jewels on display” during a game of strip billiards in Las Vegas. The VIP room apparently got R-rated after Harry and friends invited up some ladies from the bar, and clothes came off in the way that I guess they do when you’re a handsome prince from an internationally recognized family. In one grainy photo, Harry is cupping his gentleman business with a scantily clad woman behind him. In the second, we’re looking at a full moon as he hugs her.

No word on who snapped the images in our increasingly digital age, but you know who doesn’t want to talk about them? The Royal Family. The Queen & Co reportedly told TMZ:

“We have no comment to make on the photos at this time.”

Who knows if Prince Harry has outgrown a stern talking to from say the Queen, but somebody is probably going to get an earful from the Palace spokesperson at the very least for that publicly fratty moment. This wouldn’t be the first time the young man has caught some unfavorable press for the Royal Family. Then again, I do like the image of Kate Middleton rolling her eyes at another embarrassing antic by her brother-in-law.