Some Of The Most Romantic Things Prince Harry Has Ever Said About Meghan Markle

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Prince Harry whispered threewords to Meghan Markle as she met him at the altar on their wedding day, and they were perfect.

Image: Instagram/@xxduchessmegxx

Yes, we had Harry and Meghan’s wedding date in our calendar. Yes, we woke up at an absolutely ungodly hour to watch the entire thing from start to finish. No, we do not regret that one single bit. From the arrival of the guests to Meghan and Doria arriving and then the procession down the aisle, the entire thing was perfection. But nothing tops the very simple words Harry had for his soon-to-be-bride as she finally met him at the altar: “You look amazing.” What else could he have said, really? She did look amazing, and he was probably struggling to find any words to do the moment justice. Three simple words, but they were perfect.

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