Prince George Only Turns 3 Once, so Let’s Bask in the Cuteness of his Birthday Photos and Forget All Our Problems

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 2016 is looking like one rough election year for the poor little United States, and there are few better ways to distract oneself than by following the exploits of hereditary nobility. (Kardashians count.) Luckily for us, today is the third birthday of His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge, which means we all have another opportunity to gawp at the preppily dressed little moppet who will be King of England someday.

He’s pretty darn cute. Of course we can’t look at pictures of him without trying to figure out who he resembles more, Prince William or Kate Middleton. It’s tough to say. In some photos he looks like his father, and in others he’s starting to favor his mother. He mostly looks like Prince William these days, but he dresses more like his mother. (Mostly because she dresses him, of course.)

Speaking of the “Prince George Effect,” wherein anything George wears sells out instantly to those of us desperate to bask in reflected privilege, how long do you think it will be before Gwyneth Paltrow and/or Restoration Hardware start selling knockoffs of that faux-rustic custom “William & Catherine” swing little George is playing on so innocently?

It’s hard to believe it has only been three years since we were all watching the creepy streaming Internet live feed video of the doors of the hospital where he was born to catch the first glimpse of the royal baby and the royal post-baby body. They grow up so fast!

Can we just vote Prince George to run the country? What’s the opposite of a Brexit? Brentrance? Brejoining? Brunch? Can we just have brunch?