The Royal Couple Does Not Have A Royal Nanny Tending To Their Royal Baby

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royalbabycarseatAdjust your shock accordingly because there is not a legion of lovely childcare providers tending to Prince George‘s every whimper. This silly yank just assumed that nannies were royal baby protocol. But Kate Middleton and Prince William are doing this baby thing the way many American parents do. With four hands and maybe some extra help now and again.

Us Weekly reports that shit is way muggle in the Middleton home of Bucklebury, England, where the family has retreated since the princeling was born:

What followed at the Middleton house became a blissful routine. Wake up. Tend to George. Eat. Repeat. Dinners might mean a simple Italian meal cooked with help of housekeeper Antonella Fresolone. And even with two future kings of England at the table, “there’s no special treatment,” a family source tells Us Weekly. “William still has to help load the dishwasher after dinner. The same will apply to George when he’s a grown boy.”

A freshly cooked Italian meal — especially with help from another person (read: grownup, not toddlers)– sounds like a very different newborn experience to say the least. But reportedly, that’s where the luxury of parenting a newborn royal ends. What? No round the clock sleep doulas? No royal diaper changer? NO ROYAL BABY FOOD MAKER?! Apparently not:

Though Fresolone has been offering an extra set of hands at diaper and feeding times, the couple have no nanny, nor do they have plans to hire one for some time. “They’re doing as much as they can by themselves,” says the family source. “The baby is always with one of them, or asleep.”

Next they’ll be telling us that they actually tuck their kid in at night and that K Middy does NOT require that Prince George refer to her by her official occupation: Princess Mommy.

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