Kate And Wills Aren’t Inviting Every Damn Royal To Prince George’s Christening

kate middleton and prince william

The royal couple that tore up the original guest list for their wedding is reportedly going rogue once again by being all exclusive and intimate with Prince George‘s christening. Apparently, a chunk of the royal clan can NOT expect to be invited.

Kate Middleton and Prince William already double broke with tradition by changing up the christening spot and putting their little prince in a brand new gown for the event. But TIME magazine reports that the couple is going a step further in limiting attendance. Some extended family, including “several senior members of the [royal] family” and aunts aren’t on the guest list:

”It will be an intimate and family affair,” a royal source said, according to The Times. ”We set those expectations right at the start. It has not been unusual at previous christenings for great-aunts and great-uncles not to be there.”

Yeah, yeah. Play it down if you like.

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