Prince George Will Be Baptized In Some BS Replica Gown, Not The Gown That Every Other Royal Baby Has Worn

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baptism gownPrince George, or “Georgie” as he is now being called, is slated to be baptized which means (aside from Eve Vawter and I prepping snacks for the hopefully televised ceremony) that George will don his first dress! Baptismal gowns are all the rage among royal folk, or rather one gown in particular that royal babies have been wearing for 167 years. Too bad Prince George won’t be permitted to wear that one.

Hello! magazine reports that since 2004, when Lady Louise Windsor was baptized, the “one-of-a-kind, custom-made, hand-me down Christening gown” was deemed too “delicate” to be worn. The Queen, who is notably ON THIS CRISIS, reportedly commissioned a replica.

Understandable yes, but still boooo. This dress was crafted in 1841, reportedly first worn by Queen Victoria‘s firstborn:

…over 30 newborns including Prince William, Prince Charles and the Queen, have all worn the same Honiton lace and white satin gown to mark their entrance into the Church of England.Prince George, however, will wear a new form of the family heirloom to celebrate this historic and religious rite of passage.

That’s right, Prince George. You start your own new line of royal baby baptismal gown-wearing with your own fresh new dress. I’ll pretend not to be disappointed.

(photo: Tinna / Shutterstock)