These Preschoolers Read One Million Words This Year, and the Way They Celebrated Is the Cutest

A Georgia kindergarten class read a million words this year, and they celebrated becoming “millionaires” with the cutest preschooler party you’ve ever seen.

According to Buzzfeed, the Columbus, Georgia, kindergarten figured out that a million words was about 250 books, so they set that as their reading goal for the year. They promised the kids that when they hit their milestone, they’d all celebrate with a millionaire-themed party, complete with a red carpet, limousine ride, and fans lining up for their autographs.

The kids were super into the idea of the “Millionaire Bash,” and the results are adorable.

This is such a great idea, because the kids were really into the idea of the Millionaire Bash, and worked hard all year to make sure it would happen.

Denetta Suragh, the mother of 6-year-old Breyden, says her son was talking about it all year, and was really excited about doing all his reading and keeping track in his reading logs.

“Breyden was really on me about it,” she told Buzzfeed. “He was like, ”˜I want a limousine ride so we have to turn in all our reading logs!’ It encourages every child to want to read even more.”

The kids got all dressed up in their coolest clothes, and they got to take a limousine to the party. When they got out of the limousine, a red carpet (made of construction paper and gold stars) was waiting for them.  Their names were announced as they strutted down the red carpet, then their fans — ie, all the parents — asked for their autographs.

The teachers responsible for this are absolutely amazing. Not only is it a brilliant, fun idea that has kids excited about reading, but they clearly put a ton of work into this party. That construction paper red carpet didn’t make itself. The classroom is festooned with balloons coming out of glitter-covered top hats, and the parents had little autograph books for the kids to sign. The sheer amount of effort that went into putting this party together for the kids is astonishing, and it really speaks to the amazing level of support and dedication these kids are getting in their early education.

Suragh told Buzzfeed that at the start of the year Breyden did not think of himself as a strong reader, but now he’s reading at a second-grade level. Even better than that, he’s really excited about reading and loves to do it. His four-year-old brother is watching his older brother, and now he’s excited about getting to read a million words, too.

“His little brother is looking up to him, so that’s something he wants to do,” Breyden’s mom said. “He wants to get in a limousine, and he wants to read something.”

And reading a million words in a year is a huge achievement for a six-year-old! Those kids deserve a huge round of applause, and so do their parents and teachers, because this whole thing is just wonderful.

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