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12 Stock Photos That Prove Pregnant Women Just Can’t Get Enough Milk

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Pregnant Women Drinking MilkAre you pregnant? If so, you should probably grab yourself a nice glass of milk like these pregnant women are doing. Pregnant bitches love milk. You spread your legs and let some guy stick his P in your V and it’s basically MILK TIME! Drink some milk! Or if you are sassy, call it MOO JUICE! All I know is you need to wrap your lips around a glass of this creamy goodness and chug it all down!

While You Are In Your Kitchen 

(Image: nata-lunata/shutterstock)

(Image: nata-lunata/shutterstock)

Drink that milk out of a coffee cup and then put your coffee cup into your clothing washing machine because that is where it goes!

Have Your Partner Feed You Milk Because You Are A Baby 


(Image: nata-lunata/shutterstock)

(Image: nata-lunata/shutterstock)

When your hands are busy making delicious banana-cauliflower-lettuce-grape soup make your partner feed you milk you are a baby!

Drink Milk Out Of A Flower Can 

(Image:  Dmitry Melnikov/shutterstock)

(Image: Dmitry Melnikov/shutterstock)

When you eat all the flowers out of the flower can replace them with delicious cold milk!

Bitch You And Your Milk Drinking Is Out Of Hand 

(Image:  Ekaterina Shtern/shutterstock)

(Image: Ekaterina Shtern/shutterstock)

You brought coffee cups to serve milk in while you are in your wheat field but you love milk so much you drink it straight out of the gallon!

At The Beach On A Hot Day 

(Image: GTeam/shutterstock)

(Image: GTeam/shutterstock)

When pregnant women go to the beach they always think you know what is transportable and will taste delicious when I am at the beach? A glass bottle of milk!

When Contemplating Shaving Your Junk For Your Episiotomy

(Image: Doczky/shutterstock)

(Image: Doczky/shutterstock)

Should you shave or not shave? Milk will help you decide!

When Getting Ready To Dig Into A Heaping Bowl Of Baby Shit 

(Image:  nattanan726/shutterstock)

(Image: nattanan726/shutterstock)

You know what goes great with baby shit? MILK!

When It’s Your Wedding Anniversary

(Image: Blend Images/shutterstock)

(Image: Blend Images/shutterstock)

Nothing says Happy Pathetic Anniversary like champagne flutes filled with icy cold milk!

 While Eating Amazingly Gigantic Bread Products 


(Image: Iryna Prokofieva/shutterstock)

You need milk to wash down this horrifyingly large bread product!

When Acting Like A Fucking Creep 

(Image: Albina Tiplyashina/shutterstock)

(Image: Albina Tiplyashina/shutterstock)

When you are hiding behind curtains getting ready to jump out and scare people a nice glass of milk can keep you company!

When Your Doctor Gives It To You 


(Image: Gelpi JM/shutterstock)

This happens to pregnant women all the time they gave you milk after your checkup!

When You Have No Table 

(Image: Rudolf Polle/shutterstock)

(Image: Rudolf Polle/shutterstock)

You don’t need no freakin’ table to enjoy your milk just place your glass on your baby bump and pour the liquid gold into your glass.